Digital NativesHow do you capture the attention of an audience that switches media venues 17 – 27 times in sixty minutes?  Engage them creatively and consistently across multiple platforms.

Young ‘digital natives’ who grew up with digital technologies averaged 27 venue changes per non-working hour of digital activity, according to a preliminary study commissioned by Time Inc., compared with 17 times for non-natives. The study included only 30 participants, but as a snapshot of digital habits the results are compelling and beg for a large-sample follow up.

“While reaching this audience sounds like a steep challenge,” says Dominion Strategies Managing Partner John Leary, “consider the massive scope of opportunity here. Consider the sheer volume of people actively looking for engaging content in a single hour.”

Business Insider recently reported that 835 million people used smartphones worldwide in 2011. The number of active global Internet users is expected to double by 2015 and most will be using mobile devices.

The ability to create engaging and original content is critical to capturing the attention of the large but rapidly cycling digital audience. A purposeful, consistent strategic approach across platforms is also key. After all, your target audience may view your advertising content multiple times in multiple venues and mediums within an hour.

Dominion Strategies’ advertising services offer an integrated approach that spans all platforms, combining technology services ‒ such as campaign-tailored mobile apps ‒ with strategically targeted ad placements and result-driven creatives.

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