People’s trust in mobile technologies is catching up with their passion for owning them.

Nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone, according to the Nielsen Company. While trust in mobile and online ads remains lower than trust for traditional advertising, confidence in digital advertising is growing while that of traditional advertising is falling, Nielsen finds in Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages

“The growth in trust for online search and display ads over the past four years should give marketers increased confidence in putting more of their ad dollars into this medium.”

– Randall Beard, global head, Advertiser Solutions at Nielsen.

The Federal Reserve Board offers further proof of people’s growing trust in digital formats in Consumers and Mobile Financial Services: “Mobile devices have increasingly become tools that consumers use for banking, payments, budgeting, and shopping.” Both the Nielsen and FRB studies point to the greater faith people place in personal referrals and known brands and organizations. New technologies, however, have made it easier to target narrow audiences and build new relationships by capitalizing on data gleaned from existing relationships, effectively blurring the distinction between earned and owned media. Successful brand advertisers and advocates will capitalize on these technologies to engage targeted digital communities and leverage into action the trust these relationships bring.

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