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With the rapid spread of smartphones worldwide, advocates seeking to make a global impact need a mobile strategy. Even in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), which lagged the world in smartphone adoption just last year, mobile technologies have proliferated, according to Google’s Our Mobile Planet data.

Today, Australia, U.K., Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and UAE each have more than 50 percent of their population on smartphones. An additional seven countries—U.S., New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland—now have greater than 40 percent smartphone penetration.

– The Official Google Blog May 15, 2012.

APAC smartphone users are now among the most active on the planet: 68% of Japanese, 63% of Chinese, and 51% of Australian smartphone owners perform mobile searches every day, the Google Ads Blog reports. APAC users are highly likely to search for additional information online after viewing an offline ad: 87% of Chinese smartphone users have performed a mobile search after seeing an ad; 63% of Australians; 62% of Japanese; and 57% of New Zealanders. Dominion Strategies offers a full range of mobile solutions for advocates and organizations seeking to extend their reach globally, including campaign-tailored mobile applications and strategically integrated advertising across platforms and media.

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