Engagement Best Practices Part I

The organic nature of brand amplification on the Twitter platform – highlighted in a new study from Buddy Media – offers an important tool for advocates seeking to expand the reach of their message.

Our research reveals that Twitter is particularly powerful at driving “amplification” for brand messages. In fact, 78% of user engagement with a brand’s Tweets is in the form of Retweets … Twitter drives a lot of traffic elsewhere on the web, too, as users can also take action on Tweets by clicking links. According to Buddy Media data, link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with Tweets. That’s a lot of clicks.

Strategies for Effective Tweeting:  A Statistical Review

Buddy Media’s research reveals many useful insights for advocates to extend their reach on Twitter. Among them:

  • Tweet during the “busy hours” from 8am – 7 pm
  • Keep your tweets short
  • Provide a link; they raise amplification by generating more retweets
  • Take it easy on the hashtags; One or two increase engagement 21%, while more actually decrease engagement 17%

Buddy Media’s research also highlights the importance of understanding the particular social media habits and “busy hours” of your targeted audience. Pinpointing that information requires a more sophisticated level of data analytics and communications expertise. Dominion Strategies provides advocates with the analytics and results-driven strategy needed to communicate their issues and promote action.

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