Google raised search to a new level last week with Knowledge Graph – the first generation of the search engine to understand and incorporate search for things rather than just words. At Dominion Strategies, we see a stunning opportunity here for advocates to engage more directly when users search on issue-related queries.

Knowledge Graph can help you make some unexpected discoveries. You might learn a new fact or new connection that prompts a whole new line of inquiry.

– The Official Google Blog, May 16, 2012

Knowledge Graph will group like objects, giving searchers a variety of topical choices to fit a given query. The query ‘taj mahal’ could refer to a monument, a Grammy-Award winning singer, a casino in Atlantic City or any number of local restaurants. Knowledge Graph sorts these possible meanings and offers a single-click option to narrow results to the intended meaning for ‘taj mahal’.

For advocates, each “unexpected discovery” creates an opportunity to be heard by potential new supporters, to be discovered by would-be supporters who don’t know your organization, or to change the mind of an opponent by exposing him/her to different information. Dominion Strategies offers a full range of strategic communications services, raising your online visibility by combining the technical expertise of Dominion Intelligence™ with high-quality, results-driven content development.

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