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Dominion Strategies was founded with a simple premise. To be successful in the public policy arena or marketplace you need allies – individuals and organizations that want you to succeed. We help clients find and engage their allies to achieve their shared goals.

Whether we’re recruiting tens of millions of advocates around a national health care issue, educating and engaging millions of citizens on the importance of renewable energy, or communicating with select policymakers and staff, all strategies and tactics are evidence-based and focused on our clients’ goals.

As a firm with digital in its DNA, we leverage analytics and technology to help clients break through the noise of the modern media environment. Our creative speaks to both the left and right side of the brain so it can be both understood and felt – intellectually and emotionally. Have you found and engaged all your allies?

Let’s engage your stakeholders and allies together!

Dominion Strategies’ leadership team has decades of experience winning in the public policy arena and marketplace. Unlike many other firms, you will never be handed off to a junior account manager.  Your account will be led by a member of our senior leadership team.


Managing Partner

Ramsey Poston

Senior Counsel


Our mission is to help clients succeed in the public policy arena and marketplace. We do this by being singularly focused on demonstrably helping our clients achieve their public policy or commercial goals.

Whether we are leading an advocacy coalition or managing communications as part of a larger team, we ensure that the goal of our engagement is clear and that the metrics for determining success are clearly defined and objectively measurable. By aligning incentives, we ensure that we only succeed when our clients succeed.


We’re passionate about both the art and science of communication. Our methodologies for constantly testing our assumptions and approaches means that we’re always using the most optimal creative, messaging, and placements for achieving our clients’ goals. This level of accountability can be scary to some other firms. But we’re not in this business to rack up shelves of awards for losing campaigns. Our passion is helping our clients win.

When our clients win, we think the world is a better place.

Dominion Strategies is trusted by 50+ clients worldwide

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