If your organization is like most brand marketers, you’ve gathered fans and followers on social media platforms to build support for your organization or issue. That’s a great start, but do you really understand how to convert those relationships into action? ComScore and Facebook teamed up to develop some hard-data case studies of the amplification process illustrated below. Amplification generates a key boost to ROI for social media marketers, they find in The Power of Like2: How Social Media Marketing Works.

While the Facebook platform and its larger retail marketers form the backdrop for this study, the amplification strategy is valid for any substantial social media platform that taps into self-selected groups of interrelated users and for any organization seeking to spur action among its supporters. The ability to tap simultaneously into paid, earned and owned media is key. Engaging your supporters provides opportunities for their friends and followers to observe their commitment to your cause. Tapping that observation and reinforcing it with sponsored stories, digital advertising and strategically targeted content amplifies the impact of your initial engagement and generates a statistically significant increase in the response rate among your supporters as well as among their friends and followers. Dominion Strategies understands the tools, timing and content needed to amplify your reach and engagement and spur your supporters to action. Our Advertising and Strategic Communications Services provide the sophisticated digital media strategy and tailored analytics needed to amplify your advocates’ engagement into action, and DominionConnect™ leverages the Force.com platform to provide a cutting-edge advocate relationship management tool to help execute the strategy successfully.

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