Welcome to Dominion Strategies!

We are a boutique advocacy and strategic communications firm that operates at the intersection of public policy, technology, and commerce. We partner with clients to find, educate, and engage their stakeholders and allies.

Whether you need a website, advertising, or a comprehensive communications or advocacy campaign, we’re confident that you and your team will be satisfied with our collaborative approach and results.

Our clients value our evidence-based decision making, innovative approach, and steady hand, which only comes with decades of experience in high profile campaigns. How can we help you?

Focus on your Goal. Prepare to Win.

Dominion Strategies isn’t a typical agency. We combine a laser focus on your goal with creative and technical expertise. Our secret ingredient isn’t really so secret: it’s a well-defined set of metrics against which we test everything we do.

Benefits of working with Dominion Strategies include


Security is paramount. We ensure our clients’ data is safe and secure. We employ the highest levels of data security available.

Social Results

Forget about counting “likes” or “followers.” That’s for beginners. We help clients use social platforms to demonstrably achieve their goals.

Live Notifications

Our flexible digital collaboration tools ensure our clients know the status of their campaigns in real-time.

Current Standards

Our award-winning design and development team uses only the most recent stable technologies to deliver results.

Extremely Flexible

Our mobile, web, and print solutions allow clients to iterate and deliver compelling communications, saving both budget and time.

Optimizing What Works

We don’t put clients in cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all media placements. Our strategies are always focused on engaging the exact right audience with the least budget.

Shared KPI Dashboard

The comprehensive view we provide into campaigns enable clients to anticipate and report on results to their internal stakeholders in a timely way.

Tracking Performance

We work with every client at the beginning of each engagement to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and regular intervals for reviewing and discussing them.

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